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Lesson 1 Horse Facts

Lesson 2 What’s in Your Grooming Kit

Lesson 3 Shoeing

Lesson 4 Seven Horse Disciplines

Lesson 5 Six Polular Horse Breeds

Lesson 6 Lameness in Front Leg

Lesson 7 Horse vs. Human Anatomy

Lesson 8 Poisonous Plants

Lesson 9 Horse Body Condition

Lesson 10 Horse Colors

Lesson 11 Horse Terms

Lesson 12 Veterinary Care

Lesson 13 Horse Conformation

Lesson 14 Stable Management

Lesson 15 Face Markings

Lesson 16 Leg Markings

This page is an example of the outline and coursework included in the Equine Science course. Upon signing-up you will receive a link to the course and lessons. Lessons typically include a presentation with naration, videos, and examples, a worksheet, and a Kahoot game. See your ES (educational specialist) if you are with a charter school, or give us a call to sign-up. We will send out the link immediately. Best Wishes, Debra Hardman, 951-657-3339 www.WOStables.com